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It may seem like a lot of session, but that first year is important. Baby is growing & changing daily. And before you know it, baby will be tuning one. Let’s face it… That first year is exhausting. You’ll probably forget what your baby was doing at each milestone age. Was he sitting at 6 months? When did he find his toes? When I was a new mom, I always thought “I’ll never forget this” but then I did. Thankfully I have my photographs to look back on.

I can professionally capture each milestone so you never forget.

At each visit I provide full wardrobe, props and more. All you need to do is bring baby to the studio, sit back, relax and watch me capture your sweet little one.

I’ve had the incredible privilege of photographing 3 siblings from this family. Each baby has come to see me every 3 months for the first year of their life. I’ve developed a friendship with this family that is so very special to me.

I’m so lucky that my career has led to so many great friendships.

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